…summarises the selection of brands we choose to partner with at mode mini!

We spend a lot of time carefully curating our product range. So let us tell you a little bit about why we select the ones we do…



We work with small up and coming independent brands. Brands that produce products that are interesting, quirky and unique. Brands you may not have heard of before. And importantly (and intentionally), brands not previously available in Singapore.

We want to give the families of Singapore more choice, especially at a time when travelling abroad - where you can discover and shop new brands - is not possible.

We aim to bring that brand discovery to the little red dot.



We purposefully seek out suppliers who focus on ethical manufacturing, sustainable materials and small batch production to better meet customer demand.

This may mean you find the price tag is slightly higher than you would pay in a High-Street store, but this reflects the quality of materials & production, fair wages and the fact that they don’t benefit from the economies of scale of mass-producing.



You may have also noticed our collection is super stylish! Kids’ fashion is so much fun, don’t they look great in anything and get away with more daring styles than grown-ups?!

Our brand partners share them same opinion and so focus on creating kids’ products that are fun, bold and colourful, with modern cuts and playful patterns. We hope you agree our range is as vibrant and joyful as the kids who will own them!